About Us

Our website discusses about developing children’s theater to build the future of the nation’s children. we may have realized that what will happen in the next 25 years is what children who might be sitting bored in elementary school hold. Second, there must be some kind of education Child theater presence tends to be a kind of ‘leisure time’. Generally, children meet at art galleries, school extracurricular activities or take theater courses at theater directors who provide course facilities.

Their works may be limited to showcases at festivals with a race / judging system that have not yet found new alternatives for children’s theater groups to greet the audience with wider scope and create a market. We also need an empty room to work on a theater. And improvements to a new creation infrastructure that has never existed, a children’s theater platform that independently curates themes that continue to move around children, and marketing children’s theater for pedagogy. Sadly, this has not been widely realized by our theater activists because they think this is not important.

GRIPS is a theater blackbox in Berlin that finds ’emancipatory theater’ for children. Offering theaters of social criticism in the lives of children with an age range that is adjusted. The shows that are presented are designed to give courage to children to get to know the world around them, to recognize large or small scale, which is constantly changing.

The audience is open to all age categories. Without distinguishing the origin, generation, class and culture of each audience. They gave ‘anti-elite’ and ‘anti-pompous’ claims to this blackbox. An absolute for modern theater and political children’s theater. “Children Awareness” becomes the main jargon of this blackbox. All staff come from several disciplines: Child Education Specialists, Child Psychologists, Musicians for Children. They all actively collaborate with Kindergarten (primary schools), teacher associations and student guardians.

The content of the show teaches the values ​​of modernity: independence, discipline, hard work, blockade of consumerism, the dangers of smoking and drugs. The social-democratic values ​​that underlie Berlin became a central issue for the theater GRIPS.

This Blackbox offers performances, performing art, pedagogy for the regeneration and education of children’s theater goers, and theater camps that provide various workshops, summer holiday activities.

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