Wow! 5 Famous Dinosaur Museums In The World

These are the 5 best dinosaur museums in the world that you must know.

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Science (Brussels)

This museum has the largest collection room in the world which contains fossil skeletons and bone prints.
The most interesting collection in this museum is 30 Iguanodons, the second dinosaur classified in the 1800s. Dinosurus is one type that is difficult to understand and makes paleontologists think that there is a horn in his nose. The interactive presentation in the gallery space also explained in detail about the process of fossilization and excavation of dinosaur fossils.

Royal Tyrell’s Paleontology Museum (Canada)

More than 130,000 fossils meet the center of paleontological research, including the original skeleton of Tyrannosaurus “Black Beauty” with its unique, dark glittering color. One area of ​​recreation is Albertosaurus, a collection of bones from 22 specimens found in Alberta, and a tribute to Joseph Tyrell, who discovered the carnivorous animal in 1884. The museum also features a saber-toothed tiger that attacks elephants and a living garden that presents a picture of life during the Cretaceus period in Alberta. Visitors can see paleontologists working in laboratories, preparing fossil bones, including Ankylosaur fossils found in Canadian mining areas.

National Dinosaur Museum (Australia)

This museum is a place to find out about prehistoric times in Australia. This place has the largest dinosaur fossils in Australia. In addition to the impressive fossils, bones and footprints of all kinds of animals, the museum also has a park with amazing dinosaur statues. Through fossil excavations, children’s learning events, and weekend tours, it helps attract 200,000 tourists a year and makes it one of the biggest tourist attraction locations in Australia.

Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin)

The natural history museum in Berlin seriously collects dinosaur bones that were partially excavated in Tanzania in the 20th century, and displays a variety of species. The most impressive collection is the Brachiosaurus, the tallest dinosaur in the world, which is 12.49 meters. The collection won the Guinness World Record and dominated the ranks of galleries in the top ranks. The museum also has Archeopteryx fossils which are the most important proof of the relationship between birds and dinosaurs.

Field Museum (Chicago)

The museum exhibition titled “Evolving Planet” is a form of dedication to evolution four billion years ago and presents dinosaur fossils from the farthest places, such as Madagascar and Antarctica. The attraction of this museum is at the entrance, namely Sue, the largest Tyranosaurus in the world who are ready to welcome museum visitors. The dinosaur they displayed was an extraordinary species with an original skull, weighing 300 kilograms, and had 58 teeth. This collection is exhibited on the balcony of the museum with information.

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